• 100 Nights of Remembrance  

    Since 2007 to the present, members of 100 Nights of Remembrance sound taps at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen, NH and The Mount Calvary Cemetery in Manchester, NH every evening rain or shine at 7:00 PM from Memorial Day through September 11th. After the 100 consecutive nights closing ceremonies, taps is then sounded once a week on Sunday afternoons at 1:00 PM Rain, shine or even snow until the opening ceremony each Memorial Day.  100 Nights of Remembrance is dedicated to honoring and paying the highest respect to those who have served in our Armed Forces and all our fallen heroes. The public is welcome to attend these solemn ceremonies.  “So We May Never Forget”   

    Sunday, May 28th will be the last Sunday of our Weekly Tributes with Taps at 1:00 pm 

    The Traditional Memorial Day is on Tuesday May 30th with Ceremonies at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery starting at 11:00 am, Taps at that ceremony will be sounded by Msgt. Lee Hirtle with echo by Hon. Dave Currier. We will sound Taps at 7:00, to sign-up to sound taps on Tuesday the 30th contact Noel. 

      We have had another very successful off season with every Sunday since Sept.18th being covered. We Have six new Knights join over the last seven months. 

      Now it is time to look toward our 2017 100 nights of sounding Taps at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery. 

    This is our tenth year and we are planning a very special Closing Ceremony. This year’s Closing Ceremony will be on Sunday Sept. 10th please mark your Calendar. Last year we had 45 Knights and friends sound taps with many playing the National Anthem, it was truly beautiful. My goal for 2017 is to have 50 brass players all sounding taps with many of them playing our National Anthem. I promise this, we will all have the music to the National Anthem in plenty of time to look it over prior to Sept. 10th. 

      For the second time, we will present a “Cadet/Scout Tanning Session on Sept. 10th the afternoon of our Closing Ceremony. More details on Cadet/Scouts training Session coming soon. It will be a wonderful opportunity for our young people to visit and learn about our Veterans Cemetery and what “Military Honors” means. 

     We in New Hampshire have a very special and beautiful place to honor our fallen Heroes. I am very proud of the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery as I know many of you are as well. 

     It is time we start looking at our calendars and populating our sign-up calendar to begin the 100 Nights of Remembrance 2017.  

       Thank You let’s make 2017 the best year ever. Sign-up today. 

    We still have two Sundays (not Covered) before we begin our 100 nights of nightly taps, they are Sunday the 21st. at 1:00, and Sunday the 28th also at 1:00. 

     "So We May Never Forget"


     Join us this 2017 season as we remember those who served.and honor the men and women resting on sacred grounds.  

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